Smoke Alarms

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We only stock and supply the Latest Smoke Alarms, multiple brands which are all up to date with the latest Australia Standards and Regulations.

Red Smoke Alarms, Clipsal Smoke Alarms. Emerald Smoke Alarms. RF wireless smoke alarms. RF bases, Red wireless controllers, 10 Year Lithium Battery smoke alarms. Hard Wired Smoke Alarms we’ve got you covered.

At Electrical Supplies Australia we recommend Red Smoke Alarms, this is due to there high quality construction and industry leading 10 year warranty. These Red Smoke Alarms are also great value for money, as you can see.

We have installed these in my own home, which is why I can honestly recommend them to you with confidence to keep my family and yours safe.

What makes them better than the others? Let’s start with the wireless controller, Forget racing for a broomstick or falling off a chair in the dark trying to silence a false alarm when you cook a steak or forgot about the toast.   You can easily test or silence the Red smoke alarms with a quick press of a button.

Don’t wait, Invest in Your Family’s Safety by Ordering yours today.

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