0122004506 Fan Forced Element 2200W 20.35141.000 / GA26A000

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Alternative Part Numbers: 20.35141.000, 20.35144.000, NZ70178, 10318, GA26A000, 3130408, 0122004395, 0122004506,03435, FE-05, 0122004395,20.42200.000, EG20.42200.000

186mm diameter

No Mounting Plate. Dual terminals spaced 186mm

Suits Models:

PAH806W, pgl657w, pxl688s,, paj518w*10, POH662W*11, pxl688w, chef euc5340w, eoc641k, eos631s, es4395, e2825c, email ga26a000, poh667, poh698w, eoc671w, 63c906s*00, pol667s, egc651w*03, pol662, ppl776s, pgl657, pxl698, poh688, paj521w, ppl775 / 776, edcd691w,s*03, edcd697,s, edcd697,s*30, eec1350w r-l*20,27,29, egc633w, eec1380w r-l*03*06*20*27*29, egc631w, egc633, egc651, egc652w, egc653w, eoc633, eoc643, eoc673, eoc691, eoc693s, eoc697, eoc697w, s*30, eocl633, eocr633, eod6332x, eoe693s, eoe697s, ese6633s, ese6634s, euc5340w*04*20*18*19, euc5350w*04*05*06*07*19*20, exc643, exc693, edc691, edcd691, eoc641, eoc671, eoc691, exc641, exc691, epcc681, exc611, eos611, eos631, eos671, epsc631, epsz631s, epsz631w, eec1350, edcd691, eps631s, 61d924w, 61d925w, 61d931w, 61f925w, 61f931w, 62f854w, 63c807s, 63c807w, 63c807*13, 63c808w, 63c808s, 63c808*13, 63c844s, 63c844w, 63c906s, 63c906w, 63c911s, 63c911w, 63c912s, 63g808s, 63g808w, 63g906w, 63g906w, 63g911s, 63g911w, 63g912s, 63g912w, 65c980w, 66e202w, 66e202w*01, 66e204w, 66e207w, 66e207w, 67g616s, 67g616w, 75c974w, 75c975s, 75c975s*08, 75c975w, 75c984, 75c986s, 75c986w, 83e706s, 83e711s, 83e711w, 88e736, 88e838s, 88e738w, 85e726s, 86e217s, 87e716s, 87e716w, 88e736s, 88e738s, 63c906s*13
Westinghouse: PAJ509R*13, PAJ509R*18*19*27, PAJ509R, PAJ509RC*03/10, PAJ509RC*13, PAJ509RC*18*19*27, PAJ518W, PAJ518W*01/10, PAJ518W*13, PAJ518W*18*19*27, PAJ520W, PAJ520W*01/10, PAJ520W*27, PAJ521W, PAJ521W*01/02, PAJ521W*27, PAJ529B, PAJ529B*01, PAJ529*13, PAJ529B*18*19*27, PAJ558W, PAJ558W*01/02, PAJ558W*13, PAJ558W*15*16*17*19, PAJ588W*27, PDVJ792W,S, PGH658, PGH658W,S*14*15, PGL659, POH685K,S,W, POH688K,S,W, POH688K,S,W*06/07, POH698B,K,M,S,W, POH776, POH777, POH782, POH792, POH792*03, POJ767A, POJ787A, POL662W,S,K, POL667W,S, POL668W,S, PXL688, PXL698, PPL776S, PPL776W, PPL778S, PPL778W, POH662W, POH662K, POH662S, POH668S, POH668W, POH667W, POH667S, 63C906W*13

This is a Top quality Genuine EGO/OEM forced Element for Electrolux, Westinghouse and Simpson Ovens



Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 32 cm
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